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Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness

Liz Gracia

This podcast was created to help you shift into higher levels of consciousness on any issues you may be confronted with in life. The overarching intention is to help you understand: How to be Happy, How to Love Yourself, How to Let Go (of resistance and lower levels of consciousness), Letting Go and Letting God. This will all be done within the context of understanding levels of consciousness and where True Power and True fulfillment in life really exist. I will be conveying the teachings of levels of consciousness as taught by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. the world-renowned teacher of levels of consciousness, spiritual leader, and esteemed psychiatrist. Dr. Hawkins was the Director of the Institute for Spiritual Research, Inc. and Founder of the Path of Devotional Nonduality. My intention is to inspire you to shed the layers of negativity and suppressed and repressed emotions that keep you from being happy and loving yourself. I also intend to do this in a fun, irreverent and easy to understand way. My VIsion in raising consciousness is to help reduce human suffering and help lift the level of consciousness of the planet to 250 on the Map of Consciousness. I can't do this alone though! My name is Liz Gracia, I am a transformational leader, inspirational speaker and spiritual teacher of consciousness. I've decided to step into courage, as consciousness leadership is needed in our world and it's about time we put into context where True Power and True Joy in life really exist. Understanding this will help you with "how to be happy and love yourself'!

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