Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness

Why is Willingness & Intention Such a Powerplay?

August 23, 2022 Liz Gracia Season 4 Episode 11
Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness
Why is Willingness & Intention Such a Powerplay?
Show Notes

This week's "Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness" looks at the level of consciousness known as WILLINGNESS from  Map of Consciousness.

To be willing is truly a powerplay in consciousness. To align with true willingness is aligning with higher consciousness and opening up your awareness to the level of consciousness of willingness at 310 on the Map of Consciousness.

On the Map of Consciousness, there are 6 columns that look at each level of consciousness and the energy level of each level and what's going on in consciousness at the level of willingness.

We look at and discuss the level of consciousness of willingness and the following:

  • the process going on in consciousness at the level of willingness,
  • the emotion going on at this level,
  • the self-view of individuals that calibrate around the level of willingness, and
  • the God view of individuals that operate around this level of consciousness.

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