Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness

Why is America so Great? Let Me Put It Into Context!

August 31, 2022 Liz Gracia Season 4 Episode 12
Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness
Why is America so Great? Let Me Put It Into Context!
Show Notes

The Power of America is Significant When You Understand Levels of Consciousness

These days there's a fair amount of negative talk spoken about our beloved and honored country, America the Beautiful, land of the free, home of the brave. There's a calibratable reason that America is the greatest nation on Earth. (Not an opinion, but a scientifically proven fact in consciousness)

As you begin to understand levels of consciousness (which is the whole intention of this podcast), and where TRUTH and TRUE Power really exist, you'll know and understand that the TRUE Power of America is significant at 420 on the Map of Consciousness.

To perceive America as anything less is a distortion in perception in that the individual perceiving America in a negative light is experiencing inner blocks to the truth. No judgment, just an understanding of the process going on in consciousness.

Because of this truth, I am introducing you to an article entitled:

10 Qualities That Define Us as Americans written by Mantoshe Singh Devji, in the Arizona Republic in July of 2004. She is a writer and author as well as president of the Republi

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