Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness

What is a Spiritual Awakening? A True Story of a Quantum One...

September 13, 2022 Liz Gracia Season 4 Episode 14
Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness
What is a Spiritual Awakening? A True Story of a Quantum One...
Show Notes

In this week's episode of "your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness," I answer the question "What is a Quantum Spiritual Awakening?"

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I tell my true story of what could only be described as a quantum spiritual awakening that came into my experience in 2003.

Quantum spiritual awakenings came into and out of my awareness for close to 10 years 1-3 times a year after that.

For a while, they became more and more intense.

It was during this period that the teachings of Dr. David R,. Hawkins came into my awareness.

His research into consciousness and my understanding of the Map of Consciousness helped me put into context the quantum nature of the spiritual awakening I experienced.

Listen in as I share my story of a quantum spiritual awakening and what some signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening could be for you. I also hint at the Drak Night of the Soul and what is known as a spiritual emergency.

Based on consciousness research, I think it's safe to say that quantum spiritual awakenings are highly rare, so you don't necessarily have to"worry" about having one.

But understanding the nature of a simpler spiritual awake

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