Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness

Like The Love Boat...I've Got Something "Shiny & New!"

October 04, 2022 Liz Gracia Episode 114
Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness
Like The Love Boat...I've Got Something "Shiny & New!"
Show Notes

OK. I’ve got something “shiny and new” to share today.

I am developing a new content calendar for YWDOHC that I hope you will find enjoyable.

I am also merging another podcast I created from TMBSN called HVTR with this one.

 So all HVTR types of podcasts will merge with YWDOHC.

 Woo hoo!

BONUS for you. 😊

I am merging my two podcasts because both are similar in intent, sharing content and conversations around MBS health and putting all of this into context based on consciousness calibrations, which are simply measurements of energy. Everything in life emits an energy field. and understanding where true power exists in consciousness. When you put it into context, you can now ask how it relates to something else. Make it relative to other things. As an example compare a book to another, or one healing modality to another, or one spiritual practice to another. 

Another reason I am switching it up is that some issues around copyright infringement regarding my sharing of Dr. David R. Hawkins’s work have popped up. So I need to tread a little bit more lightly around how I share his content and use content from instead, as I do have permission to share calibrations and content ideas from the founder of that website.

Here’s a sample of the topics I will be rotating throughout the months

I will continue to do what I call MAIN topics. 

These topics are intended to help you with personal development, spiritual growth, health, and well-being issues. They are also intended to help you align better with the understanding of power in consciousness and high-level energy fields which are also known as attractor fields. Think of the law of attraction.

I will also continue creating Higher Consciousness quizzes

These are just everyday fun and help you to put many things into context based on consciousness calibrations, and there are so many interesting calibrations out there worth sharing.

Instead of my 101 ways to happiness, peace, and success (because they are copyright infringements from Dr. Hawkins’s Book of Slides) 

I am going to create 1001 ways to be of higher consciousness.  All ways of being that are of higher consciousness are still pathways to being happy, peaceful, and successful.

According to consciousness research, choosing just one pathway of higher consciousness is enough! It’s all you need if you apply it consistently throughout your life.

An example would be deciding to be considerate of others. Another way could be deciding to remain neutral about other people's opinions. Allow it. You don’t have to support it, you can simply allow it without judgment.

My “High Vibe” book recommendations and some reviews are new to you. 

I am going to find some books that have been calibrated at higher levels of consciousness.  I’ll be sure to curate those that would interest most listeners and have some significant 4-5 star reviews on Amazon.

 Something else that will be new for you is a

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