Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness

Top 10 Signs You Are Playing the Victim in Some Area of Your Life-1001 Ways to Let Go of

September 14, 2023 Liz Gracia Episode 174
Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness
Top 10 Signs You Are Playing the Victim in Some Area of Your Life-1001 Ways to Let Go of
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Are You Ready to Rise Above, Embrace Your Innate Power, and Let Go of Victimhood in All It's Clever Disguises?

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Welcome to another enlightening episode of "1001 Ways of Being to Let Go of..." But before we dive in, I'm Liz Gracia, your happy host of Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness and the Founder & Editor in Chief of, your source for conscious living.

Today, we're exploring the intriguing question: Why do some people effortlessly conquer life's challenges while others remain trapped in victimhood? Imagine standing at the crossroads of your life, with one path leading to empowerment and meaningful forward motion, and the other to victimhood and stagnation. Which path are you walking?

In this episode, we unravel the harmful and destructive attractor fields of victimhood. Did you know that, according to Dr. David R. Hawkins and his consciousness research, all lower levels of consciousness are victimhood energies? Anything below 200 on the consciousness scale is swimming in a pool of victimhood in some area of life. But don't worry; this isn't about making you feel bad. It's about understanding and transcending these patterns.

We'll explore common examples of victimhood, shedding light on where you might be playing the victim in your life. From blaming others to avoiding personal responsibility, we'll dive deep into these patterns and provide resources to help you let go of them.

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