Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness

How Can You Heal Yourself?

July 12, 2021 Liz Gracia Season 3 Episode 24
Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness
How Can You Heal Yourself?
Show Notes

This week's episode of Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness is all about the fact that you CAN heal your life and how to heal yourself.

This week's teachings are inspired by a chapter in Dr. David R. Hawkins's book The Map of Consciousness Explained.

You can find it in CHapter 4: Health and Happiness with the following bullet points and key understandings in consciousness  on self-healing: 

  • The body (LOC 205) obeys the mind (LOC 400s). The mind is of much higher and more significant consciousness than the body.
  • How to overcome negative programs
  • The process of self-healing
  • Steps for how to heal yourself

I provide insights I've come across along the way on my journey to healing my life and healing the body.

Here are some key levels of consciousness to be aware of on your own journey to healing your body:

  1. Unconditional love  and "miraculous healings" 540
  2. What you hold in mind tends to manifest 505
  3.  Love 500
  4. The mind, reason and rationality 400s
  5. Healthy 360
  6. Accepting that you are the creator of your own experience 350
  7. The body 205 

Here's a link I promised to a video demonstrating how to determine root causes of dis-ease in the body or anything for that matter from Dr. Bradley Notion author of The E-Motion Code and this video here.

Here's another link to muscle testing per Dr. Hawkins method.

Each week I intend to help you put into context where higher levels of truth and power exist based on consciousness calibrations.

Just because one thing is of higher consciousness than another does not make it "BETTER."  All levels of consciousness above 200 are positive aspect-oriented, constructive, and uplifting to all humankind's consciousness.

Levels of consciousness above 600 are spiritually enlightened levels of consciousness and not easily understood by most humans as we are not there yet.

So, enjoy Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness 101 Ways to Happiness #7 and embrace the consciousness levels that draw you to your consciousness evolution.

Here are Links to Purchase Dr. David R. Hawkins Books:


·         All of Dr. Hawkins Books

·         The Map of Consciousness Explained

·         Power VS Force

·         Truth VS Falsehood


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