Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness

YWDOHC Quiz: Level of Consciousness of 5 United States

November 15, 2021 Liz Gracia Season 3 Episode 35
Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness
YWDOHC Quiz: Level of Consciousness of 5 United States
Show Notes

This week's episode of Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness Quiz takes a look at the level of consciousness of 5 United States including:

  1. Massachusetts,
  2. Iowa,
  3. California,
  4. Florida, and
  5. Wyoming 

Which of these 5 states is of the highest consciousness? Let's your own intuitiveness and see if you can "feel" the consciousness of each one in relation to the other.

Each week we intend to help you put into context where higher levels of truth and power exist based on consciousness calibrations.

Just because one thing is of higher consciousness than another does not make it "BETTER."  All levels of consciousness above 200 are positive aspect-oriented, constructive, and uplifting to all humankind's consciousness.

Levels of consciousness above 600 are spiritually enlightened levels of consciousness and are not easily understood by most humans as we are not there yet.

So, enjoy Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness Quiz and embrace the consciousness levels that draw you to your evolution of consciousness.on the levels of consciousness of 5 United States

If you'd like to see if there is a current calibration of your own country, city or state you can go to the following links:

Calibrations of US States
Calibrations of Large Cities throughout the world
Calibrations of Countries

For calibrations in 2005,  I recommend Dr. Hawkins' book Truth VS Falsehood

Here are Links to Purchase Dr. David R. Hawkins Books:


·         All of Dr. Hawkins Books


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