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Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness

Liz Gracia

Welcome to Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness,  the self-improvement, self-discovery, and spiritual healing podcast that guides you toward elevated levels of awareness in all aspects of life. Join Liz Gracia, a transformational leader and inspirational and spiritual teacher of consciousness, as she empowers you to awaken into higher states of consciousness and discover self-care tips, tools, and resources to heal your life.

In this podcast, Liz draws upon the profound teachings of renowned teacher and esteemed psychiatrist Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. Together, we explore the depths of consciousness and reveal the path to true fulfillment, self-healing, and authentic power. Liz intends to inspire you to break free from negativity, release suppressed and trapped emotions, and embrace happiness, health, love, wealth, and wisdom.

With an irreverent and easy-to-understand approach, Liz shares practical insights on how to find happiness, maintain optimal health, let go of resistance and allow divine guidance to flow. Her vision is to alleviate human suffering and elevate the planet's collective consciousness to a level of 250 on the Map of Consciousness.

As you embark on this transformative journey, remember you are not alone. Liz Gracia, your guide in this exploration, stands alongside you, offering support, wisdom, and encouragement. Together, let's uncover life's true essence of power and joy.

Join us for Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness, and together, we'll transcend limitations and unlock the boundless potential within.

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